[PS1] Die Hard Trilogy + Scorpion Bundle

French exclusive release “Die Hard Trilogy + Scorpion”, is one of the more uncommon light gun bundles.

The bundle contains the French Platinum version of “Die Hard Trilogy”, the “Scorpion – Recoil Light Gun”, instruction leaflet for the light gun and a “G-Con” adapter.

This pack can be quite hard to track down, but you will probably get it for a pretty low cost when you find it.

2 thoughts on “[PS1] Die Hard Trilogy + Scorpion Bundle

  1. Hey mate,

    amazing collection ! I also collecting PS1 limited editions / press kits and sealed games. Maybe we can find some trades. Would be great to get in touch with you.

    Cheers Kev (KevinArnold@gmx.de)


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