[PS1] Cindy’s Fashion World (U.K Variant)

Here we have “Cindy’s Fashion World”, considered by many to be the most rare standard PAL title for the Playstation.

I was lucky and paid about £1 for a mint copy. However, when I tested it on both a SCPH-9002 and a SCPH-7002 machine, it was very buggy. The intro played just fine, sound and picture was totally perfect. But when I got to the main menu, the screen went black. I was able to push buttons and move around with the D-pad and some sounds were heard. Somtimes glimpses of pictures and frames were visible as well.

Despite the mint condition, I thought the disc was damaged in some way and started to look for another copy. I finally found one and had to pay about £30 this time…

Imagine my suprise when that copy had the exact same issue! I was very confused and picked up my SCPH-5502 unit to try it there instead. Here, one of the games could not even get past the Playstation start up intro in the first few tries. When it finally did, it worked perfectly and so did the other copy. I then tried the games on a Playstation 2 console and they both worked flawlessly..

Very strange problem. I have never experienced this with any other Playstation game.

So now you might wonder: “After going through all this trouble, is the game any good?” The answer to that question is hidden in the fact that this is a low budget title from Phoenix…

5 thoughts on “[PS1] Cindy’s Fashion World (U.K Variant)

  1. Hello, I have found your website and you have some really great objects in your collection that I have never seen before ! Keep up the good work with the site.
    Do you happen to still have one of the copies of Cindy’s Fashion World? I am also a PS1 collector and I am looking for this game.
    Hope to hear from you soon, thanks,



    • Hi! Thank you for visiting my site, I am very glad to hear that you enjoy it =) I have alot of more nice PS1 objects that I will put on the page as soon as I can! Unfortunately, I have already promised away the “Cindy’s Fashion World” to another collector. I really hope you find yourself a copy of it soon. I know it is really rare and wish you the best luck in the hunt!
      Best regards


  2. Thank you very much for your reply!
    As a PS1 « PAL Fullsetter » I can only agree with the fact that Cindy’s Fashion world is certainly a pain to find!
    I would be interested in keeping in touch with you if you don’t mind. I believe you have my email address through this post? I have a few questions to ask you and maybe I can be of some help to you as I live in France.
    Looking forward to hearing from you and seeing more of the wonderful Ps1 objects you have to share with us!



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