[GAMATE] Snowman Legend C1-044 (International Variant)

Here we have a complete copy of the Gamate game “Snowman Legend”. It is the version with English box text and instructions.

Like always, it is hard to find complete Gamate games that are not Italian GIG-editions. However, “Snowman Legend” seems to turn up quite frequently on ebay. Maybe two or three times a year.

2 thoughts on “[GAMATE] Snowman Legend C1-044 (International Variant)

    • Hi! Thank you for visiting my page! I am visiting your site quite frequently allready, it had the name pscg.co.uk before, right? =) You got a really nice collection, I especially enjoy the high quality photos you have taken.
      It is allways interesting to see other peoples collections and find out about rare things I never seen before!


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