[PS1] Maximum Force + Light Gun Bundle

This is the most rare gun pack of the known French exclusives. It contains a copy of the game “Maximum Force”, a black light gun with instruction paper and a grey adapter.

This bundle is quite hard to find, but not necessarily very expensive.

2 thoughts on “[PS1] Maximum Force + Light Gun Bundle

  1. Glad you included Area 51. Played that a ludicrous amount on PS1. A local leisure centre place had the arcade machine and I could basically get through to the last stage on £1 because I had so much practice from the PS1 version. You basically picked out all the best PS1 lightgun games here. Shame the genre kinda died when HDtvs became a thing. There’s a few neat ones on Wii though. Its literally amazing.


    • Thank you for your comment! Yeah I agree, Area 51/Maximum Force is great. But my favourite lightgun game on the PS1 has to be the first Point Blank. I have spent so many hours playing it.. =)
      I am still missing two gun packs: Ghoul Panic and the extremely rare Resident Evil Survivor.. I really hope to add these two to the collection one day.

      Best regards,


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