[PS1] Playstation SCPH-1002 (Box Variant)

Here we have a very uncommon variant of the Playstation “SCPH-1002” bundle. The box looks similar to the one that belongs to the model “SCPH-5502”, but has a few differences. For example; there are no stripes over the yellow background, different games are displayed on the backside and there is a sticker on the front instead of a print, declaring that a demo disc is included.

The bundle contains a “SCPH-1002” console, an original controller, power and AV cords, instruction manuals and a guarantee paper. With the valuable information from JP in the comment section, I now know that the demo that should be included in this pack is SCED-00456. Many thanks for that.

7 thoughts on “[PS1] Playstation SCPH-1002 (Box Variant)

  1. Hey,
    I have the same version of this ps. What I find that was to match 1002 and the added this console in case from 5502. If you known what is worth of this bundle please answer.

    Good luck pssman


  2. Hello for this version of Schp-1002 you need the demo one Sced-456 it was in a normal cd case like music cd’s for the same box in germany we have the Sced 457 this is the same without Die Hard Trilogy this was in a black paper sleeve

    Much greetings


  3. Hi, I recently purchased the SCPH-1002 (inspired by your blog: D) but without a single controller. I would like to collect a complete set, but I have no idea what was the serial number of the controllers originally attached to this console. I will be very grateful if you share your knowledge with me 🙂


      • HI!
        Part number (not serial number) of the controller included in this early versions of PS1 is SCPH-1080. That can be easily seen in the back of the controller.
        This is the second version of the non DualShock controller for PS1. The very first one was SCPH-1010 and was only included in the original Playstation 1 firstly released in Japan in December 3th. 1994. The later version is this SCPH-1080 which has slightly longer handles than SCPH-1010.
        Later on the dualshock version was released under part number SCPH-1200 included in PS1 variations SCPH-7000 onwards.

        Hope this helps


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