[GAMATE] Tennis C1-023 (International Variant 2)

This copy of the Gamate game “Tennis” has English text on the box and in the instruction manual. It is a re-release of the game, which originates from the time when UMC had taken over the Gamate brand from Bit Corp. You can see this on the back of the box, where UMC has covered the Bit Corp text with a UMC sticker.

What is really odd with this copy is the cartridge, which is a variant I have never seen before. On a black border, below the graphics (which has green as background colour, instead of the usual yellow), is the text “UNISYN CORP.” printed. I can not find any information about this company on the internet and have never seen it mentioned in any Gamate context before.

I have recently discovered a copy of a “Bomb Blaster” cartridge that also has the exact same “UNISYN CORP.” print. Another thing I have noticed is that there are several Gamate games on Ruten, that has a small sticker on the back of their boxes containing the following information: “UNISYN ELECTRONICS CORP 1F, NO.21, LANE 13, KUANG FU S RD., TAIPEI, TAIWAN, R. O. C. TEL: (02)7620692”

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