[GAMATE] Jewelriss C1-036 (Taiwanese Variant 1)

The box for this Taiwanese variant of “Jewelriss” has English text and contains the usual sticker on the lid with the games title in Chinese. My copy is a re-release from UMC and therefore has stickers that covers the Bit Corp related material on the box. The instruction manual is in Chinese.

Except for this variant, there exists at least two other Taiwanese variants of “Jewelriss”.

[GAMATE] Fist of Thunder C1-033 (Taiwanese Variant 2)

I had never seen this variant of “Fist of Thunder” before I found this copy on ebay. The box has the title of the game in Chinese only, while the game description on the back is in English. Both the box and the card has the UMC design and the instruction booklet is in Chinese with English text on the back.

The other known Taiwanese variant does not have the UMC design on the box. I have never seen the game card for it, but I suspect that it is not having the UMC design either.

[GAMATE] Famous C1-052 (Taiwanese Variant)

This is a complete copy of the super rare game “Famous”. The box (which has the UMC design) has a mixture of English and Chinese text and there is a sticker with the Chinese title on the lid. Except for the Chinese instruction booklet, a set of stickers with characters from the game is also included.

I suspect that there might be another Taiwanese variant of this game, that not has the UMC box design and UMC design on the card, but I have never seen it.

[GAMATE] Myth of Asamia C1-021 (French/German Variant)

This is the uncommon variant of the Gamate game “Myth of Asamia” from Yeno, the company that imported and sold Gamate in France and Germany. Yeno has used the box from the international variant and covered the English text on the back with stickers that contains French and German text instead. Yeno-variants usually have the game description in both French and German on the box, but “Myth of Asamia” has it in French only.

Two separate fold-out paper manuals are included, one in French and one in German. Yeno never included the English instruction booklets in their editions.

[GAMATE] Bomb Blaster C1-031 (Italian Variant)

The Italian GIG-variant of “Bomb Blaster” has to be one of the most common games for the Gamate. Instead of “Bomb Blaster” it is called “Bomb Blast” and has this alternate title printed on the box, instruction booklet and the cartridge. “Bomb Blast” might actually be a more correct name for this game since that is what it is called according to the title screen. The instructions and the box are both completely in Italian.

[GAMATE] Witty Apee C1-002 (Taiwanese Variant)

Loose carts of “Witty Apee” turns up quite frequently since it was included in some console bundles, but finding a complete copy like this, is indeed not easy.

The box has English text and a sticker on the lid containing Chinese letters. Some Taiwanese variants came with double manuals and “Witty Apee” is one of them, so except for the standard Chinese instruction booklet, there is also an English manual included.

[GAMATE] Tennis C1-023 (International Variant 2)

This copy of the Gamate game “Tennis” has English text on the box and in the instruction manual. It is a re-release of the game, which originates from the time when UMC had taken over the Gamate brand from Bit Corp. You can see this on the back of the box, where UMC has covered the Bit Corp text with a UMC sticker.

What is really special with this variant is the cartridge. On a black border, below the graphics (which has green as background colour, instead of the usual yellow), is the text “UNISYN CORP.” printed. Thanks to the valuable information from ZABORGER in the comment section, I now know that UNISYN CORP. is the previously company name of UMC. Many thanks for that ZABORGER!

There also exists a variant of “Bomb Blaster” with a cartridge that also has the exact same “UNISYN CORP.” print.

[GAMATE] The Golden Pyramid C1-068 (Taiwanese Variant)

Here we have a complete copy of “The Golden Pyramid”. It is one of the very last games developed for the Gamate system, which at this time was completely taken over by UMC (United Microelectronics Corp). The Gamate games from this period are often written entirely in Chinese and have very good graphics in comparision with the games from the Bit Corp era.

The box, game, instruction booklet and the registration card for “The Golden Pyrmaid” are all in Chinese.

UMC releases are unbelievable hard to find these days, especially complete copies.

[GAMATE] Bomb Blaster C1-031 (Swiss Variant)

Here is a really nice edition of the Gamate game “Bomb Blaster”. Uranium, the company that distributed Gamate in Switzerland, decided to release the games in these awesome multi-language blister packs.

The box for the game is the international version and along with the English instruction booklet, there are also instructions in German and French.

These editions are very hard to find and are even more rare than normal international variant Gamate games. My copy is new and sealed.

[GAMATE] Gamate Console (Swedish Variant)

I have finally found a complete copy of this extremely rare variant of the Gamate console! The most noticeable difference between this unit and the more common one, is that the D-pad and the built-in speaker got a different look. Before, I had only seen a photo of the box for this variant, but never ever saw it for sale.

The pack consists of a Gamate console, the game “Witty Apee” in a plastic folder, stereo headphones, English instructions for the console, English instructions for the game and a paper sheet with Swedish instructions for the console on one side and a manual for “Witty Apee” on the other.

Except that the box has this rare version of the Gamate console depicted on it, also the game card, the Swedish instructions and the English console manual has it, as you can see on the images.

[GAMATE] Bomb Blaster C1-031 (Swedish Variant)

This is a quite funny Swedish variant of the Gamate game “Bomb Blaster”.

The original box art is covered by a sticker, which actually much better illustrates how the game really looks like, compared to the original one.

I have no idea why PlayMix, the company that was importing Gamate to Sweden, decided to make a new front cover for the game. Anyway, they created an extremely rare variant, by doing so.

What makes this copy even more uncommon, is that the game cartridge has the rare Gamate variant console depicted on its back, as you can see on the image.

Except for the English manual, a Swedish instruction paper is also included.

[GAMATE] Gamate Console (International Variant)

Collecting Gamate is a really hard task, especially if you, just like me, are trying to find all the different variants of the games and the console. There are the Italian GIG-versions, which are much more common than the international variants with English boxes and manuals. Then we have the later UMC releases, most of them only released in Asia, which are even more difficult to find. There also exists a lot of other very rare country variants. If you are interested in collecting Gamate, I highly recommend these two sites for detailed information about the system: http://s4.zetaboards.com/PGC_Forums/topic/9731388/1/ and http://fuji.drillspirits.net/gamate/

Here we have a new and complete (except for the batteries) copy of the Gamate console. The pack contains a Gamate unit, the game “Cube-Up” in a plastic folder, stereo headphones and English instructions for the console and the game.

This item is very hard to find. There are almost always some GIG-versions out on ebay, but the international versions rarely turns up for sale.