[GAMATE] Bomb Blaster C1-031 (Italian Variant)

The Italian GIG-variant of “Bomb Blaster” has to be one of the most common games for the Gamate. Instead of “Bomb Blaster” it is called “Bomb Blast” and has this alternate title printed on the box, instruction booklet and the cartridge. “Bomb Blast” might actually be a more correct name for this game since that is what it is called according to the title screen. The instructions and the box are both completely in Italian.

[GAMATE] Bomb Blaster C1-031 (Swiss Variant)

Here is a really nice edition of the Gamate game “Bomb Blaster”. Uranium, the company that distributed Gamate in Switzerland, decided to release the games in these awesome multi-language blister packs.

The box for the game is the international version and along with the English instruction booklet, there are also instructions in German and French.

These editions are very hard to find and are even more rare than normal international variant Gamate games. My copy is new and sealed.

[GAMATE] Bomb Blaster C1-031 (Swedish Variant)

This is a quite funny Swedish variant of the Gamate game “Bomb Blaster”.

The original box art is covered by a sticker, which actually much better illustrates how the game really looks like, compared to the original one.

I have no idea why PlayMix, the company that was importing Gamate to Sweden, decided to make a new front cover for the game. Anyway, they created an extremely rare variant, by doing so.

What makes this copy even more uncommon, is that the game cartridge has the rare Gamate variant console depicted on its back, as you can see on the image.

Except for the English manual, a Swedish instruction paper is also included.