[GAMATE] Gamate Console (International Variant)

Collecting Gamate is a really hard task, especially if you, just like me, are trying to find all the different variants of the games and the console. There are the Italian GIG-versions, which are much more common than the international variants with English boxes and manuals. Then we have the later UMC releases, most of them only released in Asia, which are even more difficult to find. There also exists a lot of other very rare country variants. If you are interested in collecting Gamate, I highly recommend these two sites for detailed information about the system: http://s4.zetaboards.com/PGC_Forums/topic/9731388/1/ and http://fuji.drillspirits.net/gamate/

Here we have a new and complete (except for the batteries) copy of the Gamate console. The pack contains a Gamate unit, the game “Cube-Up” in a plastic folder, stereo headphones and English instructions for the console and the game.

This item is very hard to find. There are almost always some GIG-versions out on ebay, but the international versions rarely turns up for sale.