[GAMATE] Gamate Console (Swedish Variant)

I have finally found a complete copy of this extremely rare variant of the Gamate console! The most noticeable difference between this unit and the more common one, is that the D-pad and the built-in speaker got a different look. Before, I had only seen a photo of the box for this variant, but never ever saw it for sale.

The pack consists of a Gamate console, the game “Witty Apee” in a plastic folder, stereo headphones, English instructions for the console, English instructions for the game and a paper sheet with Swedish instructions for the console on one side and a manual for “Witty Apee” on the other.

Except that the box has this rare version of the Gamate console depicted on it, also the game card, the Swedish instructions and the English console manual has it, as you can see on the images.